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20 Police Officers Listened On The Phone As He Sliced Her Into 365 Pieces To Make Human Flesh Pills 

Oh Won is getting into his next at home project – everything is set up for success. He has a whole bottle of his favorite Chinese liquor. It’s stronger than Vodka, but he’s tossing it back like water.  His hand reaches for his phone as he feels the urge again. He’s on autopilot mode - staring at his screen, swiping, swiping… He presses play and puts his phone up against the bathroom sink. The woman’s moaning is just echoing off the bathroom wall… He lights a cigarette and squats down with his 8-inch knife. He starts moving the knife back and forth.  The key is that each cut has to be uniform; all the same thickness and size. It’s the most enjoyable for consumption that way… Before Oh Won knew it, six hours had passed. 365 pieces of meat, meticulously sliced into uniform, same-sized, thin pieces. He portioned them out and placed them into 17 separate black plastic bags. All that’s left are the bones and the parts that aren’t really important. He flips over the piece he was working on all morning. He stares at her face. He didn’t—couldn’t take any meat from there. Her face and hair were untouched, but below her neck, all of her flesh had been sliced off up until her knees.   He had deboned her. Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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