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The Korean “Junko Furuta” Case - 26 Days Of Torture, SA, Then Sealed In Concrete

Orchards are not fun at 3am. The rustling of the leaves feels no longer feels like a nice sunny, breezy day, it sounds like someone is hiding behind a tree somewhere watching you. Standing in the middle of an orchard is a group of high schoolers and young 20 something year olds just huddled in a circle.  “What did kim say about the—? “HURRY just start pouring it!”  They kick their shovels aside, start pouring the concrete into the hole, and watch as it covers first the hand, then the torso, and now the face.  The face of the 15-year-old girl that they held captive for a month and tortured.  When they’re done, they head back to their cars with their shovels… And honestly? They think they did it; that they’re getting away with it. But don’t they know? History always repeats itself.  A very, very similar case took place 26 years ago in Japan: The case of Junko Furuta.  This episode is about a case that everyone in South Korea has been calling: The Korean Junko Furuta case. Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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