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Animal Nth Room- University Students Killing & Selling "Cat In Blender" & "Cat in Microwave" Videos

In the seat facing away from the camera, all they could see was the student’s back and her arms digging through whatever was in her lap. For several minutes, she stayed like this. Then she got up. Turned around. And looked straight into the lens of the CCTV camera in the corner.  She locked eyes and stayed like that. They felt a chill as they watched the footage. An icy stare. Frozen in place. Then she lifted up her hands and held a body up to the camera. A cat--a campus stray, lovingly named Princess by the other University students. She grabbed the back of the kitten’s neck. Then, with her other hand, wrapped her grip firmly around the kitten’s throat and squeezed.  Shanghai Tech’s very own serial cat killer. This is the case dubbed the ‘animal Nth rooms,’ about the world-wide cat (crush, torture, and kill) gang that was responsible for the viral video—the cat blender. Who is behind it all? And why? Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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