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Nightclub Turns Into GAS CHAMBER Killing 242 University Students In One Night

Gustavo stumbled out of the nightclub, barely keeping balance. He felt like he was hallucinating. He noticed people looking at him with very concerned looks – what? Did he have something on his face? He looked back up to a random man rushing towards him with a pail of water. He threw the water onto Gustavo’s arms. Everyone was acting so strange…   Then a woman yelled at him, “HEY! You need to call an ambulance!—There’s something wrong with your body!” Gustavo was taken aback but reassured the woman, “NO! Don’t worry. It’s just my shirt—I tore it on the way out of the club; that’s all…” He was sure of it. He could feel his shirt in that moment, shredded and hanging off his body. Every time he took a step forward or turned around to look at another stranger yelling at him, he could feel it swaying, hitting other parts of his torso.  The woman looked at him very concerned, “Sir. You’re not… wearing a shirt.”   Gustavo walked towards a streetlamp and looked down at his arms. His flesh was eviscerated, hanging only by his wrist.  His skin was melting off..  Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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