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The Nurses Watch Him Bleed Out On The Operating Table Because The Doctor Went Home

The first thing they feel is how stiff the table is underneath them… it feels so cold. Then, they open their eyes, and see a masked man staring straight at them holding a scalpel.  The first instinct is to scream. To run.  But that would be silly. They paid thousands of dollars for this surgery.  Suddenly, their eyes start feeling heavy again. The room looks blurry and they start to feel like something heavy is sitting on their chest.  The only comfort is knowing that they booked the best plastic surgeon in all of South Korea. It was a little strange that they had an opening for a surgery the same week… because wouldn’t his schedule be fully booked? If he’s that popular? And they could have sworn that he had 5 other surgeries scheduled for this very time slot… how could the doctor be in 5 operating rooms at once? But that’s why they’re called “ghost doctors.” You book a surgery with a top doctor, pay top dollar, only to have him walk out the room the second you are sedated. Then a strange man will come in and perform surgery.  The man that worked the front desk? The medical salesman? The custodian?  They can all be your doctor if they put on a white coat.  To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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