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A-List Movie Star KIDNAPPED By North Korea- then Forced To Make Movies For Kim Jung Il

Eunhee was an A list actress and had always had star treatment but this was a whole new level. She had a guarded mansion and millions of dollars at her disposal. Every evening, platters of shrimp, lobster, sushi, delicacies shipped in from all over the world filled an entire banquet table. It was all just for her. Every morning, a new gift was delivered for her downstairs, a fur coat, lacy lingerie, or beautiful gowns. She added them to the closet in ‘her’ bedroom already stuffed to the brim. Every single piece was perfectly tailored to fit her body; her exact measurements all the way down to her undergarments. She had guards watching her every move and tending to her every need. The one condition was that - she couldn’t leave… unless he called. A week into her stay - her assistant burst in through the door excited to get her ready. He had invited her to a party and she needed to look perfect. She got all dolled up and was led down to the front where she was face to face with the man who kidnapped her. The Supreme Leader of North Korea. Kim Jong Il. Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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