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The Curry Killer - She Killed 6 Of Her Husband’s Family Members With CURRY So She Could Marry Her Cousin

Jolly’s whole family was dead. Well, almost all of them, but she never let that get her down. But this time, her friends noticed - something was very wrong with Jolly.  She seemed out of it at the small gathering. Anytime someone tried talking to her - she would glance across the room. It seemed like she was waiting for someone to walk in.  “Don’t you want to marry someone like him?” - Jolly said.  Her friend looked at her like she sprouted another head - “Excuse me?” “That guy over there - he just seems so peaceful and calm.” Jolly’s friends were confused - was she talking about Shaju? He’s happily married with two kids… and not to mention… he’s her cousin.  Her friends didn’t think too much into it until Shaju, Jolly’s new love interest, his wife and child died mysteriously…  Was Jolly Joseph killing everyone that she felt was in her way? Or… was there something just in the curry?  Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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