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Ex-Minister Beats Wife To Death For 8 Hours THEN Goes To Lunch Date With Influencer In Next Room

He once controlled the entire economy of the country—to put it simply. The man in the restaurant security footage is an ex minister of Kazakstan, the third most powerful person in the entire country.    His name is Kuandyk Bishimbaev and his wife, Sultanat Nukenova, were supposed to be on a dinner date; instead the security cameras capture something else.   Around 7 in the morning, the ex minister grabs his wife by a fistful of her hair and throws her onto the ground in the hallway.   Her jacket naturally flips open – and she’s naked, barely covered on the cold dirty floor of the restaurant. He’s standing over his wife’s limp body on the ground. The ex minister lifts his right leg up and starts kicking his wife as hard as he can. He’s holding onto a table to maintain his own balance.    That’s how much force is being used.   Then he drags her by the hair into a bathroom – where there are no CCTV cameras. Any footage of her after that has been erased.   But the ex-minister is seen many times after on the security footage. Spending time with other women – a lunch date with an influencer, texting an alleged sex worker, all while his wife lay dying in the VIP booth of the restaurant.    His excuse for why he couldn’t call for help or get his wife's battered body out of the restaurant? Well—because— Vladimir Putin is coming.  Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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