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Mom Found Human Head + Severed Hands In TEEN SON’s Closet

There was an emergency at Terri’s daycare. This had never happened before. Ever.  She picked up the phone -  “Hi, uh - there’s been a family emergency. Please come pick your children up right away. Please hurry.” The parents rush to pick up their children and they let out a sigh of relief when they see all the toddlers are in one piece. But something is wrong with Terri. She’s rushing them into their car seats and you can just tell her mind is elsewhere.  Once all the children are gone - Terri rushes to her phone and dials 911 -  “Hi, it’s an emergency. I found something in my son’s closet wrapped in a plastic bag. He has a shotgun in his room… he just pulled up. Can you please just come?” Terri kept an eye on her son that just arrived at home.  Any louder, and Brian might hear her.  Any louder and he might realize that his mother Terri knew what he did.  Any louder and he might investigate and find what’s in the kitchen sink. Underneath a blue towel - lay a decapitated head and pair of hacked off hands.  Any louder and the Cohee family would have to ask their 19 year old son - where is there rest of the body??  Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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