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500 Teens Trapped On An Island With A Madman That’s Hunting Them

 The summer sleep away camp for youths is held on the Island of UTOYA every single summer. About 500 teenagers will gather on the wooded island. They sleep in tents, have bonfires, and tell creepy stories while roasting marshmallows. But when the kids start playing games - that’s usually when the fun starts. Card games, tag, hide and seek - A group of 11 teenagers were lying down in the grass right off the “Lover’s Path.” “Here lay down right here and don’t move. Shhhh. Act like you’re dead.” If a single one of them sneezes, coughs, or so much as moves - their covers are blown. They hear the footsteps getting nearer on the path… closer… One of the 11 looks up. There is a young guy, blonde hair, striking blue eyes - just standing over them. She makes eye contact with him… he lifts his hand up and a black rifle appears. He opens fire. Out of the 11. 10 will die. 1 will survive. Another 59 on the island will be killed within the hour. There is a mad gunman on the loose on an island full of teenagers. Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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