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Korean TV show accidentally CAUGHT a SERIAL husband killer

The 7 “friends” were going to spend the entire day with each other cliff jumping at a local waterfall but the entire day there would be filled with tension. Eunhae was the glue of the group, she was the one that organized the whole trip, and she was there with her boyfriend Joe. But her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend were also in attendance. Oh - and Eunhae’s husband was also there and he had no idea Eunhae was dating other people. When the husband mysteriously dies at the waterfall that day - there are 3 main suspects - Eunhae’s boyfriend - who secretly ran a sex trafficking ring. Eunhae’s ex-boyfriend - who she was allegedly still sleeping with. And Eunhae - the widow who had a whole double life nobody knew about. Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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