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Congresswoman Adopted 55 Children & Turned Them Into Killers

Congresswoman Flor was a lot of things - politician, pastor, gospel singer, wife, and mother of 55 adopted children. From a campaign standpoint she was unstoppable. She appealed to every possible demographic. The only thing standing in her way was the pesky rumor that she attended “swap” parties. The rumor was Congresswoman Flor and her husband would show up to these explicit parties wearing masks and watch each other with other partners… and sometimes… they would even bring their adopted children with them to watch. So when Congresswoman Flor’s husband was gunned down after allegedly attending one of these wild parties - the door to Flor’s house swung wide open for investigators. With Pandora’s box now open, allegations started spilling out - allegations of sexual abuse in the family. Mother to sons. Father to daughters. Brothers and sisters. Allegations of dark magic being used and rituals being performed. Allegations that Congresswoman Flor was a witch. And allegations of an elaborate plan within the family to murder Congresswoman Flor’s husband. Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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