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The PTA Mom Turned Stalker - The Sinister Side of Rich Housewives, Obsession, and Conspiracies

They say when you seek revenge, you should dig two graves. One for yourself as well. The PTA moms didn’t think of that when they raged war. Jill was said to have gone up and down the hallways of the wealthy school to pass out flyers. Flyers that were printed with baseless accusations against another PTA mom. It’s said that she was jealous of the other mom. Some say it’s because she was trying to distract the community from the fact that she was cheating on her attorney husband with 4 firefighters - at the same time. Regardless Jill’s obsession will turn into a web of conspiracies involving child abuse, cheating with the tennis coach, drugs, and death. The result? Two behind bars and millions of dollars on the line. This is the PTA mom nightmare. (Book Red - “I’ll Get You” - by Kelli Peters & Riley J Ford. Such a good book I couldn’t put it down and the emotions were so raw and so real. Please check it out) Full Source Notes: To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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