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Showing Up As Your Authentic Self

This episode of the Book Marketing Action Podcast focuses on the benefits of showing up as your authentic self when marketing your book. Laura Gassner Otting – Executive Coach, Speaker, and Author of Limitless – reveals how her book became a bestseller and the strategies she used to achieve that success. She emphasizes the importance of being yourself, writing about what you know, and asking people for help throughout each step of your author journey. During the episode, Laura also shares: About herself and her work in the world.Her tactics for getting her book on the bestseller list.The benefits of asking for help and how to do it authentically. The strategy she used when asking for help supporting her book launch.The story of the new book she has been working on, titled Wonderhell.Whether she worked with a Big House publisher or a hybrid publisher.The benefits and limitations of choosing a Big House publisher or choosing a hybrid publisher. Why she believes that having a deeper connection with your publisher leads to greater success for your book.The benefits of being your authentic self when marketing and launching your book. The importance of writing about what you know and what you have experienced in your own life. For our show notes, including action steps, and resources, visit: Please feel free to send a message to Becky at to share your thoughts!

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