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Aligning Your Marketing With Your Message

This episode of the Book Marketing Action Podcast focuses on how authors can authentically live their message and follow the values outlined in their book. Pam Slim – Author, Speaker, and Small Business Strategist – shares her unconventional approach to marketing her book, The Widest Net, and how she has used the book to guide her own life and her work. Pam emphasizes how important it is for authors to let the message of their book guide their marketing plan and the positive results that come from truly putting values into practice. During the episode, Pam also shares: Where she is located, the work she does with her clients, and the meaning behind her latest book, The Widest Net.The story of her famous couch. What her book, The Widest Net, is about, her inspiration for writing it, and why it matters to her.The unconventional approach she took for her latest book tour.Why it’s okay for authors to take time to discover the value they have to offer.What was different about the launch of The Widest Net compared to her past book launches.What part of her marketing campaign worked best for her.The size of her launch group for The Widest Net.Some of the things she tried during her book launch that didn’t work as well as she hoped.What her future looks like as it relates to marketing The Widest Net.Some of the most valuable lessons that she has learned about book marketing throughout her career.  For our show notes, including action steps, and resources, visit:  Please feel free to send a message to Becky at to share your thoughts!

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