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Why we cleaned and removed thousands of our email subscribers (and why you should too!)

You might be readin' the headline for this episode thinking: "what the heck Anita?! Isn't the whole goal to get people ON the list and no remove em'?   It's a fair question friend. And also one people often ask when I tell them that we deleted people off our email list.   So in this episode, I'll be sharing with you: The 3 big reasons why we removed thousands of email subscribers from our email list; Some key signs you should consider "spring-cleaning" your own email list; And how to go about cleaning up your email list along with what we did.   ____ *FREEBIE*   Sign up to our 5 e-copy lessons below, where everyday I'll land in your Inbox with simple tweaks you can make in your copy to level it up! From ad copy, website copy and more. _____   Pst. Want something covered in Brandfetti? Fill out this 30-second form, and who knows, our next episode might be featuring YOU:

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