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How she launched her new website and secured $15K in her first month with Stacey Hatfield

Oh boy, I am SO excited to be diving into this WYW Case Study for 2024. Meet Stacey, a culinary storyteller and also qualified nutritionist, who joined us in the most recent cohort of WYW.   Stacey joined us as she had a clear vision of launching her 2nd business "Waffl" but had NO idea how to translate this into clear and compelling language across her website, and touch points.   In this episode we speak to: The gap between having a vision, and not knowing how to best convey it; Finding her brand voice and the 1 activity that really helped her document her voice; How she wrote her website in 2 days; How she navigated through the wobbles of building her 2nd business, and how she approached it differently this time around.     ___   Doors to WYW open on the 30th of April, want to get a taster of what it's like? Join me in a free LIVE masterclass on how you can stand out and drive more conversions through psychology and words   Join us now:

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