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How to create 1 week’s worth of content with 1 testimonial

Runnin' short on content ideas? What if I told you that 1 testimonial, can, in turn, be translated into 6 pieces of content? Yep! In this episode, I throw down how you can get more mileage with your testimonials and turn 1 testimonial you've received from a client into 6 additional pieces of content. Let's go!   ---- PSST. Doors are currently open to The Wordfetti Club - our dedicated online business membership. If you dig our bite-sized episodes, and you wanna level up your content marketing, copywriting and consumer behaviour game, this membership is for you.   Join now for a grandfathered rate of only $49 a month (cancel anytime) or $490 for the year (save 2 months and score extra bonuses)   For more details click here:

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