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How to find your brand voice

If you're lurkin' the description of this podcast, chances are you already KNOW it's important that your brand has a brand voice. But perhaps, you don't know how to crystalise it or where to begin.   In this episode, I share with you the 3 KEY questions to ask to ensure your brand voice is strategic and is created to attract your ideal audience and 3 KEY actions you can take to uncovering your unique voice.   PS. Brand voice is just one of the key elements we cover in the Brand DNA process in our 12-week live group mentoring program, Wordfetti Your Words. We will be opening doors for enrolment this month. Don't want to miss out?! Join the waitlist here:     ___   ***Our uber transformative popup experience The 3 Day Copy Confidence Challenge is BACK in 2024. 18. 19. 22nd of April, join us LIVE over these 3 days and learn how you can translate the thoughts out of your head onto paper fast, and write more persuasively.   Grab your ticket now at***

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