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From 0 clients to booked out and an increase in revenue by 278% from messaging with Emma Klose

Imagine, going from 0 clients to being FULLY BOOKED, and a monthly revenue increase of 278% in the space of 12 weeks. Well this was exactly what happened for our WYW Alumni Emma Klose, therapist and founder of Thrive Play Therapy.   In this episode, we dive into: The struggle of not wanting to sound like a "text-book" therapist but also maintaining professionalism; How one of the activities within WYW completely changed the way she showed up in her business and in Emma's content The 1 thing that really moved the needle for Emma when it came to getting sales and being fully booked.   ___   Doors to WYW open on the 30th of April, want to get a taster of what it's like? Join me in a free LIVE masterclass on how you can stand out and drive more conversions through psychology and words   Join us now:

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