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Key signs it's time to refresh your website

Your website is your business's digital shopfront. It's perhaps one of the most important touch points of your business, because be it social media, or paid ads, or even the podcast, you're directing traffic to it. Bottom line? You want to make sure it's ready, and optimised for the eyeballs. In this episode, I dive into 6 signs that it's time for you to refresh or rejig your website copy, how to flip the switch to make your website copy more about your reader (than about you), to why it's not just about features and benefits. ____ Psst. Doors to our 12-week signature live group program teachin' you how to turn the thoughts out of your head onto words on paper, nail your messaging, and write copy that connect and sell through our psychology-backed methodology is opening in 4 weeks. We are ONLY taking enrolments once this year. Yep. So if you don't want to miss out, join us on the waitlist atĀ

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