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What I do in moments of overwhelm and stress (and that time I ugly cried)

Yep. I've been there too. Just like you, my friend! Ugly crying, stress, overwhelm: it's a narrative we don't hear enough online because of the attached stigma and us being used to the highlight reel. But we ALL feel it. It's human emotion 101. I also truly believe when it comes to the business leaders world -- we learn so much sure, from those around what they did, but I feel we learn even more sometimes, when it comes to knowing HOW one navigates in moments of challenge. In this real, raw and vulnerable episode, I dive into: My burnout moment in 2019/2020, and my big AHHA realisation. How I personally navigate through moments of overwhelm, and "stress" in business and life. My 3 go-to questions that help re-align me (and that I lean on when I am in the thick of the "mess") __Applications to my high touch Fetti Mastermind will finally be open at the end of January 2024. This is designed for 6-7 figure founders who want to strategically and sustainably grow and scale their business for more revenue and freedom (minus the 12 hour days!).If you are looking to productise your knowledge, create a more scalable way to get paid for the way you think in 2024, then this is for you.Join the waitlist here:

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