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The key shifts in consumer behaviour I am seeing right now in online business

Ain't no secret that there has been a lotta shifts in the online business space the last couple of months. I was recently invited one a great conversation on a podcast where I joined a few other incredible online business owners in discussing the shifts we're seeing, what's working, what's not working, and also how we've navigating through this interesting moment in online business.   So I thought I would do a separate episode here to share my biggest insights shared on the episode with y'all here!   If you want to catch that group episode, where I along with Denise Duffield Thomas, Tina Tower, Kate McGibbin, Annie Gichuru and Kerry Rowett chatted, you can do so here.   ___   PSST. I am running a free live masterclass next week, on the 5 secrets to create more visibility and sales through content. It's gonna be an epic 60 mins. Join us here  

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