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Why you need to tweak your messaging (and how to do it)

Tweaking your messaging is one of the FASTEST way for you to drive and uplevel the traffic and conversions to your website. You don't have to wait for a designer. You don't have to wait for a copywriter. It's something you can tweak literally within seconds or minutes.   In this episode, I share: • What the concept of "messaging" actually is • Why not tweaking your messaging often, is going to be a business's BIG missed opportunity • The 3 must-ask questions when you are about to tweak your messaging.   Messaging is just ONE of the key components we focus on in our signature 12-week signature live group coaching program: Wordfetti Your Words, which opens mid April.   It teaches you how to turn the thoughts out of your head onto words on paper, nail your messaging, and write copy that connect and sell through our psychology-backed methodology is opening in just 12 weeks.   We are ONLY taking enrolments once this year. Yep.   So if you don't want to miss out, join us on the waitlist at  

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