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Stuck on what to write to your audience? Listen to this

Ever feel stuckeroo when it comes to writing to your audience? Blank space. Blinking cursor. Hitting the backspace more than you should? In this sharp shoot episode, I share with you a go-to strategy I lean on each time I'm in that mode (yep, I've been there! Even as a copywriter myself). And if you want more of these hacks? Grab our 7 copywriting conversion boosters here, ____ Psst. Doors to our 12-week signature live group program teachin' you how to turn the thoughts out of your head onto words on paper, nail your messaging, and write copy that connect and sell through our psychology-backed methodology is opening in 4 weeks. We are ONLY taking enrolments once this year. Yep. So if you don't want to miss out, join us on the waitlist at

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