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How she scaled her studio, ignited more profit and created more white space with Kim + Jeff Swinyard

Today, I bring onto the podcast another incredible Mastermind case study. Kim joined my Mastermind between 2022-2023 when she was overwhelmed, burnt out, not knowing what the next step (but knowing something had to change) would be for her and her husband's interior architect studio.In this episode, we speak to: How Kim navigated through overwhelm, stress and growing a business with 2 young children; The powerful husband wife duo dynamic her and her husband Jeff cultivate; What we did to increase their revenue (and profit) in the space of less than 12 months; How they have grown the business and created more white space in their calendar. This is a raw, honest, vulnerable conversation not to be missed.Follow Kim and Jeff on their Instagram here: @studioatelier___Want to be my next success story!?Applications to my high-touch Fetti Mastermind is officially open TODAY. Designed for 6-7 figure founders who want to strategically and sustainably grow and scale their business for more revenue and freedom (minus the 12 hour days!), if you are ready to make 2024 your best year yet?!Then DM me "FETTI ME" on Instagram @anitasiek, so you can get all of the information to join us.

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