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How she completely transformed her business, her life, and herself in 12 months with Jen Bowers

Ever feel like something was "OFF" or missing in your business, or life? You're seen as the life of the party, but inside, something doesn't feel right? This inspiration episode, is for you.In this episode, I am honoured to bring in one of my Mastermind and 1-on-1 clients Jen Bowers. She's a brand strategist and brand designer, and founder of Jen Be Brands, who helps businesses stand out like a flamingo in the flock of seagulls through powerful branding. She's also the host of Bring Back Your Pink, where she helps women in their mid-40 to 50's "get their pink" back and embrace and LOVE their life.Over the last 18 months I have witnessed the most radical transformation in Jen. In this case study episode, we dive into: A period of funk, hiding and wobbliness, and how Jen personally navigated through this. The tsunami wave of clarity moment for Jen that happened in the Mastermind, changed EVERYTHING in your life and in her business. Jen's strong belief on why and how women in their 50's can live their life in full colour and truly LOVE their life. The steps you can take if you feel misaligned. This is an episode not to be missed.Enjoyed this one? Make sure you follow Jen at @jenbebrands. ___Applications to my high touch Fetti Mastermind will finally be open next week 2024. This is designed for 6-7 figure founders who want to strategically and sustainably grow and scale their business for more revenue and freedom (minus the 12 hour days!).If you are looking to productise your knowledge, create a more scalable way to get paid for the way you think in 2024, then this is for you.Join the waitlist here:

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