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How to create content that's shareable

Stop. Measuring. The. Success. Of. Your. Social. Content. Based. On. Likes. And. Follower. Count! There. I said it, HA! In this episode, I dive into why I don't believe likes and follower counts are a measure of "success" when it comes to content and why it's important we create content that is highly shareable. To help you, in this episode, I throw down 3 simple questions you can ask to help you generate content ideas that will be highly shareable. PSSST! on the 21st of November, we are about to throw down on one VERY epic one-time-only-offer for FETTI FRIDAY (our version of Black Friday). This is BIG and is not something we have EVER done before. Want to be the first to know as soon as it drops? Sign up below.

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