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How she landed her BIGGEST retainer client and x8 her ROI in our course with Madison Klein

And we're back with another incredible WYW Case Study, and this episode, we're featuring Madison Klein, a content marketer and copywriter from New Jersey, NY who joined Wordfetti Your Words at the beginning of her freelancing journey.   In this episode, we dive into: Imposter syndrome, perfectionism and how Madison navigated around the mindset wobbles despite having a decade experience in the industry; How having the confidence to do this ONE thing, landed Madison her BIGGEST retainer yet (almost x8/x10 her ROI to WYW within 3 months of joining); Her thinking process when it comes to turning something "bland" or "boring" into something non-boring.   Doors to our signature copywriting and sales psychology course Wordfetti Your Words is officially OPEN for enrolment for 1 week. Ready to nail your messaging, uncover your brand DNA and write copy that connect, compel and convert through our psychology backed methodology?   Sign up here:   Enjoyed this episode? Make sure you screenshot and tag and myself @anitasiek and share your biggest AHHA!  

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