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How Trusting in Her Intuition Led Laetitia Andrac to Become a Best-Seller for Her Book

One of the things I love? When internet friends, become your WYW alumni students, and they experience wins! For this episode, I bring in Laetitia Andrac, a business doula, strategy and intuition coach and also one of most recent WYW cohort students.   In this episode, we dive into: What is intuition (and what it's not) and the power of it in growing your business The art of intuitively "selling" Laetitia's 5-step method to begin trusting in your intuition. Why Laetitia trusted HER own intuition in joining our cohort in May, and how that has supported her in launching her book "Light it" (now a best time seller!) Why she wanted to learn how to write her own sales copy for her book, even though she usually outsources.   Doors to WYW, will be opening again in 1 week, click here to join the waitlist to snag some early bird bonuses:   A heads up, our 3-day Copy Confidence Challenge is happening TOMORROW. It's not too late to get your ticket. 14, 15, 18th of September (replay included). 1 hour over 3 days, that's all it's going to take to uplevel your copywriting game.   Snag your early bird ticket now for only $49 here:    

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