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How to Write Copy That’s Persuasive (And Not Salesy)

How does one write persuasive copy without being "pushy" or "salesy"? In this episode, I dive into 5 ways you can do just that, the key mindset shifts you must make so that your copy isn't "wobbly" to your audience, and the 4 key elements your audience actually NEED in order to be ready to take action.   If you want to take this one step further? Join us in our 3-day Copy Confidence Challenge happening NEXT WEEK. 14, 15, 18th of September (replay included) and I'll teach you how you can translate the ideas and thoughts in your mind, onto paper FASTER. Day 2? I also share with you my 5Ps in the persuasion framework.   1 hour over 3 days, that's all it's going to take. Snag your early bird ticket now for only $49 here:

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