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Not Converting? You Could Be Making One of These 5 Mistakes.

Feeling like you're trying ALL the things but it's still crickets? Putting out content like the "gurus" are telling you but sitll not getting the results and leads you were hoping for? In this episode, I throw down on the 5 biggest reasons why your copy or content may NOT be converting, and what you need to focus on instead.   OH HEY YOU! Big news.   Our ever-popular 3-Day Copy Confidence Challenge is BACK. Where over 3 days we'll teach you how you can translate the ideas and thoughts in your mind, onto paper FASTER.   1 hour over 3 days, that's all it's going to take. Snag your early bird ticket now for only $49 here:   Day 1 ― Get Copy Confident: The ability to get your game-changing ideas outta your head and flowing onto the page? Is way closer than you think. Together? We will: Identify the real reason why you get writer’s block (Spoiler Alert: It’s not because you’re a bad writer) Equip you with simple (repeatable) strategies to have you saying bye-bye to wobbles and writing with confidence Craft a compelling story about your biz (even if you don’t consider yourself a storyteller)    Day 2 ― Turn Copy Into Sales: You got into this business to make a larger impact and to make sales. So we’ll show you how you + your words can do exactly that. You’ll discover: How to eliminate the “busy” work crowding up your schedule and focus on the ONE skill that really matters Discover the 5P's in persuasion to power up your copy so it inspires your audience to take action Our fool-proof system to nail your stand-out messaging and inspiring your audience to take action Write 1 sales-based caption that you can publish immediately after the challenge to generate sales   A BONUS Live Q&A on Day 3 (Value: $397): Consider this your chance to ask a conversion strategist and copywriter (aka hi, it me!) anything you want about copywriting, sales, content, consumer psychology and branding! Whether that’s how to apply your newfound copy skills to your socials, or the next best steps to move the needle in your biz, my brain is yours for the picking for an entire hour! ________ Psst. Want a freebie?   Of course, you do.   Sign up for our 5 e-copy lessons below, where every day I'll land in your Inbox with simple tweaks you can make in your copy to level it up! From ad copy, website copy, and more.      

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