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Surrendering, Detaching, and How I Mixed Travel With Launching (Part 2)

This episode is part 2 of behind of scenes for our recent Membership launch, The Wordfetti Club. In this episode I share more about my internal reflections around this launch and why it has completely changed the way I think about "launching" as a whole. I dive into: The key narratives I had to redefine and rewrite - to mix travel with launching How I surrendered, detached myself from the goal and had FUN with this launch The key lessons I'll be taking away for my future launches and what you can do too, to infuse more ease and fun for your next launch or your next revenue generating activity for your business. ____ *FREEBIE* Sign up to our 5 e-copy lessons below, where everyday I'll land in your Inbox with simple tweaks you can make in your copy to level it up! From ad copy, website copy and more. _____ Pst. Want something covered in Brandfetti? Fill out this 30-second form, and who knows, our next episode might be featuring YOU:  

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