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Messaging vs Copy: There’s a Difference

There's a difference between copy and messaging. In this episode, I dive into the key characteristics that differ between the two concepts, why it's important you dive into your messaging BEFORE writing your copy, and some key questions to help you unpack it. Enjoyed this episode? Then you're gonna love our 3-day live Copy Confidence Challenge. For the first time ever, we are running a 3-day live masterclass series teaching you how to write better copy, and translate the magic outta your mind and onto words FASTER. Join us now on early bird, for only $49 - but hurry, prices go up soon. ___ Follow me on IG: @anitasiek Follow Wordfetti on IG: @wordfetti Doors to WYW will open again later this month, click here to join the waitlist: Get our 5 e-copy lessons:

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