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Q&A: How Can You Confidently Communicate What You Sell

This is a live rebroadcast of a Q&A where I was recently a guest speaker of where I answered the question: How do you confidently communicate what you sell through messaging? In this short and sweet episode, I dive into: The biggest mistake so many businesses make when it comes to writing copy; Key differences between messaging and copy (and how you should approach writing both); The #1 question you must ask when writing in a way that gets your audience feeling seen and heard; Enjoyed this episode? Then you're gonna love our 3-day live Copy Confidence Challenge. For the first time ever, we are running a 3-day live masterclass series teaching you how to write better copy, and translate the magic outta your mind and onto words FASTER. Join us now on early bird, for only $49 - but hurry, prices go up soon. ___ Follow me on IG: @anitasiek Follow Wordfetti on IG: @wordfetti Doors to WYW will open again in April, click here to join the waitlist: Get our 5 e-copy lessons:

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