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Scaling Business Lessons and Navigating Biz Growth, Family, Kids and Life With Tina Tower

You know those kinds of humans who you could just talk for hours with? Well, that's the kinda vibe I get always when I chat with my friend, and online biz pal, Tina Tower. Having been in the online biz world for almost 20 years, having sold businesses, and now helping other entrepreneurs go from 1:1 to one-to-many, I thought I'd bring Tina onto Brandfetti to chat about some of the curliest topics, such as: What Tina attributes as the key success measures for thriving online business owners; How Tina personally manages the juggle between biz growth, family, kids, and life; Challenging the status quo, being the breadwinner in the family, and how Tina navigates around this. This is an epic episode, and I cannot wait to share this conversation with you! ___ Enjoyed this episode? Make sure you screenshot, tag me @anitasiek and @tina_tower, and share with us your biggest AH-HA! Follow Wordfetti on IG: @wordfetti Get our 5 e-copy lessons:

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