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How To Get Cut-through in the Online Course Creator World in 2023

A lot has changed in the online course creator world in the last 3 years. In this episode, I dive into 5 key shifts that I am predicting in the online course creator world, what I feel like you should focus your energy on, and why I'm excited about what's to come this year in 2023. In this episode, I refer to a few things: Wordfetti Your Words (our signature online copywriting program) - will launch in April 2023. Click here to join the waitlist. Episode 209: How I have sold out my high touch mastermind 3 years in a row with 1 email. Click here to listen Psst. Want 5 e-lessons for FREE on how to uplevel your copywriting game? Get it here: Follow me on @anitasiek and the team at @wordfetti!

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