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How To Use Systems and Automation To Create More Space With Kiah Worling

Systems? Have the power to set you free. But where the heck does one begin when the world of tech, automations and processes make you feel like you're stuck in a never-ending vortex? In this episode, I bring in my client and Mastermind alumni, Kiah Worling, to dive into how you can use systems and automations to create more white space in your calendar, how to choose what tech stack for your biz, daily habits to calm down your nervous system, productivity hacks around Inboxes, and daily rituals. Enjoyed this one? Make sure you tag @kiahworling and me at @anitasiek and share your biggest takeaway. Wanna get your paws on 5 copy e-lessons? 10 mins everyday over 5 days is all you need. Grab it here

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