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How I Have Sold Out My High-touch Mastermind 3 Years in a Row With 1 Email

For the last 3 rounds, I have sold out by high touch 1:1 mentorship meets 7-month Fetti Mastermind experience with 1 email. Yep. You read right. Simply 1 email! No launch activity. No fancy sales page (it's on a Google Doc - HA!). Just 1 email. This episode throws down on how I've been able to do this (as in all transparency, there are a few things behind the scenes beyond the 1 email that's contributed to it!), but also it's my hope that it inspires you to think about "launches" differently. Want to be part of my Fetti Mastermind waitlist for 2023? Join here: Follow me for more BTS here: @anitasiek and the team at @wordfetti

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