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How I Turned Our Launch Around and Got 60% Of Sales in the Final 24 Hours

So. We've just wrapped up our 5th launch for Wordfetti Your Words, our signature copy and psyc course and I'll have to say -- this launch was very different, and never have I leaned in MORE the power of being able to write copy at any time. We had our SLOWEST intake for the 1st 2-3 days. However, by doing the 3 things that I share in this episode, I firmly believe we turned our results around, by not only beating our previous launch but having our HIGHEST close cart day ever with over 60% of our sales coming in in the final 24 hours. Wrap your ears onto this BTS episode now! And don't forget to follow me on @anitasiek and the team at @wordfetti. Want to join the waitlist for the next time we re-open doors to our copy course? pop your name on the waitlist here: Want to get 5 free copy e-lessons? Snag it here:

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