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How Amy Southall Used Our Wordfetti Framework to Launch Her 1st and 2nd Business

For our final WYW Case Study this round, I wanted to bring in a WYW Alumni who has been part of the family since the very beginning. Amy Michelle Southall joined me in WYW when it was in BETA, back in early 2020. 2 years on, and 2 bubbas later, Amy STILL refers back to our framework in WYW and is now using our methodology for her NEW brand. In this episode, we dive into: - Joining WYW as Amy was just about to embark on motherhood herself. - How she's used WYW and our methodology for her first business, and now her 2nd business. - The biggest mistake she made with her first biz, and the one thing she's doing differently this time. - Finding the time to build her business while juggling the ups and downs of motherhood. Enjoyed this episode? Be sure to check Amy out here: @mamahoodwellbeing Doors to WYW are closing TOMORROW! 11:59pm AEST 18th of October. This is your FINAL call fam. Got questions? Slide into the DMs! ___ Are we friends yet on Insta? Be sure to follow me on @anitasiek and the team at @wordfetti

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