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Nailing the Messaging for Her Website, Email, and Launch Through Our Wordfetti Framework With Kate Emiley

Is Wordfetti Your Words for me if I'm a marketer, copywriter, or content strategist? YEP. In fact, we've mentored a LOT of our fellow logophiles in WYW. One of the legends we've had the pleasure of mentoring? Kate is a content strategist and email marketer who specialises in helping service-based biz owners grow their community and build their client base through email. In this episode, we dive into: - Why Kate joined us in WYW even though she's had years of marketing experience - How Kate used our Wordfetti framework (the one we teach in WYW) to nail her messaging across her emails, her website, to even her content planning on social media and launches - The difference between growing your email list as an e-comm brand vs service-based brand - How you can grow your email list and the 3 must-have themes to an email sequence - The 1 email you must have to kick start your email growth journey Enjoyed this episode? Be sure to check Kate out at @kateemiley You can also go snag the Freebie Kate shared: ___ Are we friends yet on Insta? Be sure to follow me on @anitasiek and the team at @wordfetti

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