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Behind the Scenes of a Viral Post on LinkedIn With Rachael Bonnetti

In this WYW Case Study episode, I bring in Rachael Bonnetti, ex-EA of C-Suites turned digital course creator and mentor for executive assistants. Rach first joined us in WYW a year ago, and over the last 12 months, in applying our methodology, she has seen some heckin' incredible results including a number of viral posts on LinkedIn. In this episode, we talk about Rach's transition from the corporate world to her biz, the challenges she had in finding her unique voice for her brand, how she cracked the code to creating content that's highly shareable, and potentially viral, and how her content and to copy together has resulted in more qualified leads and conversions for her biz. Follow Rach at @rachaelbonetti Want to get EPIC results like Rach did? Then I invite you to join me in my free LIVE masterclass tomorrow on how to stand out (and convert!) through captivating copy! I'll be opening doors to Wordfetti Your Words at the end of the class and if you're signed up to the class. You'll unlock a MEGA bonus surprise. Join up here: ___ Are we friends yet on Insta? Be sure to follow me on @anitasiek and the team at @wordfetti

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