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How To Set Goals Intentionally (And What To Do When It Doesn’t Go To Plan) With Adam Jelic of Migoals

Ahhh goal planning. We hear it's important, but with so many blogs, articles and podcasts talking about the importance of goals, this episode shines a spotlight on the angle a lot of people don't talk about -- what the heck do we do when things don't go to plan? To help me with this conversation, I bring in Adam Jelic of MiGoals, where we dive into why it's important to set goals, how to intentionally do it, why we lose momentum in our goals and what to do when things don't go to "plan"? e.g. Pandemic, personal life etc. Want to get your paws on 5 copy e-lessons to uplevel your copy game? 10 mins a day, over 5 days I'll drop into your inbox with a copywriting gem. Keen? Sign up to my free copy lessons here: For more BTS follow me on @anitasiek and the team at @wordfetti

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