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Visibility Series | How Anna the Anxiety Coach Zigged When Others Zag to Pave Her Own Lane

In this episode, I'm excited to bring on another one of our incredible WYW Alumni, Anna Papaioannou is an Anxiety Coach, Breathwork Magician, and Qualified Counsellor. In this episode, we dove into how Anna differentiated herself amongst others in her space, how she paved her own path, how she navigated around the wobble of "being professional" and being "real and authentic" and how now, she is able to create content with ease and flow, and also booking out her 1:1 and having mega successes with her recent membership launch! PSSSTTT! Want to learn how to make more sales and stand out with your copy? I'm hosting a free and brand new live masterclass next week, where we'll be diving into: - 5 must-avoid copywriting mistakes that could be costing you conversions and what to do instead - The 3-part framework to how you can write copy that makes sales and stands out - Why we don't believe in the traditional marketing funnel - #1 way to selling without feeling salesy. Join here: For more BTS follow @anitasiek and @wordfetti

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