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Visibility Series | How to Write Epic Copy When You Feel Like You’re Not a *Good* Writer

Feel like you're *not a good writer*? This episode is for you. This is perhaps one of the biggest questions I'm asked: where the heck should I begin when it comes to copy, if I'm not a good writer, Anita? In this episode, I share with you where you should start. To celebrate the launch of WYW 2.0, happening 24th of May, if you subscribe, love the episode, and leave us a review? Hit screenshot and email it to for your chance to win 1 of 3 $150 USD vouchers with us to apply to WYW 2.0. (Winners will be drawn at random on 15th of May) Want 7 copy hacks to boost your conversions? Yeah you do. Get it here: For more BTS, follow me on @anitasiek and the team at @wordfetti

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