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Why Your Students Might Be Rewarding (or Punishing) You with Their Behaviour: A Discussion on the Insidious Pedagogy of Poverty.

"Have you ever experienced the quiet calm that sweeps over the room when you ask your students to copy the work off the board, write down definitions or do a word search? If you teach students with social, emotional and mental health needs, I would almost guarantee the answer to that is yes. When it comes to classroom compliance, this style of pedagogy works. Which is why it is no surprise that it is common practice in schools where there are high proportions of students who exhibit challenging behaviours. It is called ‘The Pedagogy of Poverty’, and it is inconspicuously stealing our most vulnerable students’ opportunities for success." This episode of the podcast explores the concept of the pedagogy of poverty, explains what it means for teaching, learning, behaviour, classroom management, and everything in between. Of course, I then give you a little insight into how to tackle it through your practice. The above excerpt is from my article "The Hidden (Disim)power of Pedadogy" in the Everyday. Journal. If you would like to check it out,  head to

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