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29. Dropping the ball on things at work? Don't worry, that's what they were designed for! A reframe around teacher time management.

I am sure I don't need to tell you this, but as a teacher, there is SO MUCH TO FREAKING DO! This is why some of the BIG questions I get asked from teachers, particularly newer teachers, is about things like prioritising, time management,  and how we can do allllll the things that are required of us. The answer is simple.... We can't. At least, we can't do everything well and still have a bit of balance. As an experienced teacher and now a senior leader I absolutely don’t do it all - I set boundaries for myself, I do the work that’s important, I accept not everything can and will be high quality, but what matters will be done right.  However it has taken years and years to learn how to ‘be’ as a teacher/leader in a way that works for me and protects my peace. It has taken a lot of boundary setting, letting go of things that don’t matter, learning how to prioritise and letting go of the idea of perfect. And FYI: It also took working around the clock and then burning out in my 6th year of teaching and never wanting to go back.  In this episode of The Unteachables Podcast, I give you a reframe around workload, time management, and how to master the art of dropping the balls that really don't matter all that much.

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