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Addressing Misogyny (and Other Damaging Comments) in the Classroom: Your Step-by-Step Guide"

If you would like a printable cheat sheet of the steps found in this episode, click here. Have you ever had to address comments from students that were homophobic, racist, misogynistic, ablest, or problematic in any other way?  If you're a teacher, it's likely the answer to that question is yes... Annnnd it only seems to be getting tougher. With male 'role models' in the social media space such as Andrew Tate, we are seeing a rise in students expressing these damaging misogynistic views, young boys in particular.  It can be so tough to know what to say or do as teachers, especially because these things can be so deeply personal and triggering. Oftentimes when we DO address it,  students will say "it is a joke", or, "I am entitled to my opinion".    So teachers are left simply remarking, "that's inappropriate" and moving on. However this isn't good enough. It is so crucial we address these things seriously to ensure that we are teaching our students better, and creating a safe space for everybody in that room. But how? This is your step by step guide.

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