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Are You Confusing The Hell Out of Your Students? Strategies for Clearer Instruction, Better Engagement, and Less Challenging Behaviours

Do you ever give instructions for a task to a class full of students, only to have a bunch of hands go up or confused faces looking back at you? Maybe you have low level behaviours buzzing and a disengaged hum the moment you send them off to do their task? Teachers, the answer to tackling these things could be in your clarity of instruction. This episode is designed to arm you with practical strategies to enhance clarity of instruction and student engagement. I delve into the complexities and challenges of teaching in a room filled with 30 different humans with diverse needs and learning styles and uncover strategies to overcome hurdles that can impact a student’s ability to follow instructions. From demonstrating tasks to scaffolding, using real-life examples, encouraging questions, and reflecting on our practice, this episode has you covered.

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